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By racers for racers. 


Every part we assemble and everything we design is with pure passion. We try to deliver a product that give such a feeling like you have in reality. The idea to create simracing hardware started a while ago but the start of designing and production of the hardware begun at the start of the crazy Covid-19 time. 


The Porsche 911 Cup replica 


In a short time we developed several products. Our first idea was creating a custom wheel in our own shape but we fell in love with the Porsche 911 Cup car and that was the start of the production of the exact replica. All the parts are made and designed in Europe. That is also our policy, support the people in your country and deliver the components in the best quality as possible. From laser cut carbon to alluminium system profiles for our rig. 


The Porsche wheel feels amazing and is exactly the same as in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 911 car. 


After finishing the Porsche replica we designed a display in 2 different sizes, one for on the Porsche wheel and one for on the wheelbase. Again we contact our carbon and aluminium supplier in Holland and a new project was born.


The Rig.


After flex issues with our own rig we decided to design our own system. So strong as possible and still a nice design. For the real racers this is the ideal seat, every real seat will fit on this rig. Everything is adjustable and the materials are so strong that flex is not an option. 


We have designed our rig in black and grey and it’s suitable with several extra options such as keyboard holders. Shifter attachment and many more.

Simcontrols is official dealer for SimucubeSparco, Ltec, BJ Simpedals and Rexing Carbon Steering wheels


Are you interested? Send us a message! 


Do you want to test our products? Near Amsterdam we got our own test and design centre. 

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