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Simucube 2 is the world reference class Direct Drive force feedback wheel base.

Simucube 2 has been built around a precision robotics grade industrial motor, electronics and software fused together to form a flawless monolithic design. Everything is optimized to perform at the highest level, and with sub-millisecond  latency.

Rigid mechanical coupling of the wheel is the fundamental requirement for direct drive. Simucube 2 is made to meet this requirement, even though it meant redesigning everything. Simucube Quick Release™, SQR, has zero backslash adding zero torque artifacts. When locked-in, it equals a solid metal shaft, just like it should.

Thanks to Simucube 2's dedicated processor for motor control, and another for interfacing the PC simulator, the ultra low latency is stable and consistent. With Simucube's award winning force reconstruction processing, ultra low latency mode and adjustable dynamic filters, the Driver can reach Realism.


Once you experience it, there's no turning back.

SC GT Replica

Our first GT Style Wheel is made with a Porsche look replica.

Massive carbon backplate with 8 Apem push buttons, the colors

are your choice.

On the backside two fully lasercut carbon shifters including GT style paddles  with thick 5mm magnets for the real feel.

Paddles can be changed as well.

The GT wheel comes in Alcantara or Leather, your choice.

For an optional price we can also deliver the original Porsche

GT3 Cup wheel made with Alcantara.

Optinal Rotary knob made from handcrafted anodized cnc made aluminium, 4 colors available.

Prices starting from € 595,00 


Unique ergonomic and optical design. Ascher Racing wheels are compatible with all common wheelbases. Quick Support. High Quality. Simucube Partner. Fast Shipping. Styles: Wireless & USB, Plug and Play, Magnetic shifter, High end Finish.

Prices starting from € 499,00 

REXING Formula & GT

Rexing steering wheel is molded out of carbon fiber. The bodywork itself is the chassis. No metal inserts - only CARBON FIBER strength and endurance with superior finish. Because we learned the production process from aeronautics and real formula steering wheels.

Long-lasting and reliable with excellent snap action. Now complemented with aluminium knobs on all encoders and dials.

Overmolding a piece of hollow carbon to cover it with rubber was a super difficult task, but we were persistent to give our buyers exactly what they need - a pair of grips that is durable, light-weight, realistic and worthy of serious sim racer's hands.

Works with UGT Manager to simple create your own dashboard or using existing ones. Compatible with all PC based Simulators.

Prices starting from € 1495,00 





Build from 3mm stainless steel with a 200kg loadcell for the brake.


All pedals and pedalplates are fully adjustable in every direction.


Pedals are delivered with or without massive steel 8mm steel Base


Prices starting from € 450,00 


Our rigs are based on the famous strong 40x160 profile base.

Strong, stiff and flexible to setup for all kind of setups like

GT3 or F1.

Footrest for pedals of cnc anodized 10mm aluminium and alu profiles.

We deliver our rigs in the colors black and silver.

Prices starting from € 599,00 (grey aluminium color)


Simcontrols GT Dash.

Our mini dash is specially developed for using on any base.

A 4.3 Inch screen compatible with all major simulators using SimHub. Can be ordered directly with a special custom made dash holder for seamless integration.

Custom build in every color and special custom printed decals. 

Please call or maiul for more info.

Production time 10 Days.

Price € 229,00 including mount for any base.


We deliver seats from different brands as Sparco, Cobra & Ltec.